Welcome to Active Hands-on Education
“To help learner’s discover knowledge hands-on” with this mission we are working to make education more fun, faster & easier through practicals.
We are working on Science, Commerce, Business, Engineering, Life, Agriculture, Food Processing & other areas of education to enable hands-on method.
Our Active Farm School is a service to educate in hands-on method in Agriculture, Farm Technology, Food Processing & Rural Exhibits primarily to non-farmers. Objective of Active Farm School is to make the non-farmers engage with nature, agriculture, develop respect to farmer, value for food & love for mother earth. Non-farmers primarily are students in urban area, incumbents’ who are willing to know more about agriculture career opportunities, urban garden farmers, etc.
Students from schools, urban family dwellers & others are respective top learners for our workshops, seminars, competitions & visitors.
Welcome! Hands-on, Active Way of education.