Entry Fee

Entry Fee for only School bulk visits is as below. Normal Entry fee is Rs.500/- person.
Entry Fee Includes option to choose with snacks & return gift or without.
For snacks & return gift add Rs.50/- extra on below fee per student.
For Curriculum SSC/ICSE/CBSE
Nursery to UKG (Any synonyms)
Entry Fee: Rs.200/- per Student
1st Grade to 3rd Grade
Entry Fee: Rs.250/- per Student
4th Grade to 10th Grade
Entry Fee: Rs.300/- per Student
For Curriculum Cambridge/IB
Nursery to 3rd Grade: Rs.300/-
4th Grade to 10th Grade: Rs.350/- per student
·         Fee includes vegetables/crops growing & sharing & other agriculture produce. 
·         Entry fee has to be paid at the entry point.
·         Entry fee once paid is not refunded.
·         Cheque has to be issued in the name of “Active Education Experiential Learning Solutions”
·         Cheque bounce charges are Rs.500/- if any case.
·         The entry fee is applicable from 1st June till further notice, keep looking this page before registration.
·         Teachers/Accompanying support staff entry is free.
·         Projects/Seminars/Events fee as per applicable from time to time.
·         Maximum Timings for Students Nursery to 3rd Grade: 3hrs; 5th to 12th Grade: 5hrs.
·         The price is fixed even for shorter durations/coming late due to traffic or any other related issues.
·         Kindly be informed only identified activities shall be facilitated. In case of any breakdown for one activity alternative activity shall be done, any refund for partial payment or full payment shouldn’t be asked.
·         Ours is profit intended organization with expenditure to maintain involves: Growing & maintaience of crops, Rent, Salaries, animal’s welfare (feed & doctor visits), new activities development, activity tools, marketing, machinery maintaience, etc like other organizations.
·         Support us to innovate & sustained growth to serve Education Industry.
·         School or students can get their own snacks to eat.
For Rs.50/- extra. (For a Yummiest Filed trip)
Return Gift
Normally we give 2kgs of red soil & fist full of manure with 10 varieties of seeds. Do talk to us for any other suggestions within our budget.