General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Q. What is Active Farm School (AFS)?
A. AFS is to help learners discover knowledge hands on in Agriculture, Food processing & Farming Technology while connecting them to nature, academics & life. We are experiential learning center part of Active Education Experiential Learning Solutions  Group,
Q. What is there to learn in AFS?
A. AFS offers Activities connecting to Academics from KG to PG in Agriculture, Farming Technology & Food Processing. Everybody can learn about 55 plus crops in cereal, millets, oil crops, pulses, commercial crops, medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, creepers, & other crops. Food processing units like Small Paddy mill, oil mill, bread making unit, milk chilling unit, etc & Bio gas unit & hand loom unit. Domestic Animals like Cow, Buffalo, Ducks, Birds, Hens, Goose, and Sheep &Goat. Farm games like Gili Danda, Tyre Rolling, Gullar Shooting, etc & Farm Music like Flute, Mouth organ, Bajana drum, etc to have fun on visits.
Q. Who can Visit?
A. All learners interested to learn experientially in Agriculture, food processing & farming technology. School Groups, School picnics, College Visits, Family outings, corporate team outings, and tourist, everybody to learn & have fun. We offer variety of services time to time keep browsing us.
Q. Where is AFS?
A. Active Farm School is located in the ESCI Campus, Bs. Cyberabad Police Commissioner office, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.
Q. What are some engaging activities for guest?
A. Preparing farming bed, sowing, weeding, cultivation, milking, visiting Dr. M. S. Swaminathan Farming Demonstration Field, visiting Dr. Abdul Kalam Exbhit center, pampering animals, feeding animals, playing games, playing music, seeds show, Farming Technology show, Irrigation types, black mud molding facility, Agriculture Entrepreneur & Career corner, green house, polymer house, vermicompost, etc. We can design learning activities for Schools & College visits according to their needs.
Q. What amenities are available at AFS?
A. Neat & clean washrooms, neat & clean animal visit areas, neat & clean food consuming areas, mineral drinking water, guide to help you learn, activity sheets to engage you, hats & umbrellas to use,  basic first aid unit & basic canteen for snacks.
Q. What does corporate outing team do?
A. We can help designing team activities to help discover skills, refresh from regular work, and engage them in farming activities of the day. We can provide food, conduct farm games & music competitions, etc.
Q. How safe & Secure is AFS?
A. AFS is safe & secure has only one main entrance, during day time we have 5+ full time staff working, entire area is compound walled designed for child safety.
Q. Whether emergency medical facilities available near the AFS?
A. In 10 km radius all kind of multi specialty hospitals are available near to AFS,
Q. Whether emergency transport facility is available near AFS?
A. APSRTC Bus stop is 1/5 km distance, plenty of Autos are available, on call cabs can reach in 30 mins time, and in case of emergency we can arrange private transport at extra cost..
Q. What are other risks involved?
A. We have identified activities we are going offer & then examined the risk they might cause. For Example: You may decide to ride bull cart or tractor tailor ride is not risk free, since there is always a possibility that a guests will fall off the bullock cart or the tractor tailor, however there are established rules and regulations that protects our guests from potential risks.
Q. What is the liability of Active Farm School or Active Group?
A. Sometime we may not always be able to avoid the accidents during AFS visits at the farms, we make sure that our operations and the farm activity and the sightseeing tours at the farm and outside the farms to village rides is safe as possible and have taken appropriate safety precautions. The Guests or visitors will be solely responsible to the any general, financial, personal, property, product, and professional loss during the AFS Visits and the AFS Company cannot be held responsible.
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